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The Smith Lake Book is a Visitor Guide & Business Directory which includes information for the entire Lewis Smith Lake area including Cullman, Winston, and Walker Counties. The purpose of the digest-size magazine is to inform visitors, and those living in the lake area, of the many events, activities, and places to see around the lake. In addition, the annual publication includes a cost-effective lake area business directory to assist local business owners in marketing their goods and services.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is The Smith Lake Book?

The Smith Lake Book, a printed and online publication, is a Visitor Guide with a Local Business Directory featuring the lake as the focal point and highlights the many events, attractions and businesses in the surrounding area. The book was created to promote Smith Lake area tourism and business, and provide Smith Lake area residents and visitors with valuable annual information.

2. What does the publication look like?

The Smith Lake Book is an 8.25 inch by 5.25 inch, full-color, high-gloss, professionally and beautifully edited publication. You can view our last printing by clicking here.

3. Where is the publication distributed?

The Smith Lake Book is distributed throughout the lake areas of  Winston, Walker, and Cullman Counties. Visitors can find them at lake area convenience stores, restaurants, and select businesses. Copies are also available at the Walker and Cullman Chambers of Commerce. The book is free to the public.

4. How often is it published?

We print ONCE YEARLY and the book comes out in the Spring.

5. How is The Smith Lake Book different from other lake publications?

We are a Visitor’s Guide and Business Directory. Our magazine has an entirely different look and feel than any other lake publication. Our priorities are focused on enhancing tourism and promoting local businesses for the betterment of the Smith Lake economy. The Smith Lake Book is not an editorial or other quarterly publication with dated information.  It is a reference and resource book that people living or visiting the lake will keep in their homes, boats, cars, and offices. Because of this, our shelf-life is exceptional.

6. How can The Smith Lake Book help my business?

It’s all about “bang for the buck” – putting yourself in front of your customers as often as you can for the least amount of money. Our readership consists of lake home owners, home shoppers, lake area residents, and visitors. For Smith Lake area businesses, this just may be the best way to market your business to your targeted customers! Advertising in The Smith Lake Book is an investment in your business and will increase your local AND online exposure.

7. Do I get any “Perks” for being an advertiser?

The Smith Lake Book gives priority to local businesses and encourages them to participate so together we can promote and maintain a strong and vibrant Smith Lake community. The Smith Lake Book rewards customer loyalty with priority advertising space in upcoming issues and access to any special discounts that may be available.

8. How many copies do you distribute each year?

20,000 copies

9. How long has The Smith Lake Book been available?

2011 was the first edition of The Smith Lake Book.

10. Who publishes The Smith Lake Book?

The Smith Lake Book is published by Smith Lake Marketing, LLC – a local company.

11. What other marketing services can you provide?

Smith Lake Marketing, LLC also produces looping video presentations which we display in select restaurants and other locations around the Smith Lake area. Additional lake area marketing services such as Facebook pages, email broadcasts, and websites are also available. Contact us for more information and pricing options.

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